A lil book haul

Jan 1st– I’m not buying any books this year, I have loads on my shelf and want to read them all before I buy any new ones.

At some point during January, I caved and bought 2 books (they were in the sale)..

Fast forward 6 weeks – my books are all in storage, I have 6 books at my in-laws to get me through the planned 4-6 weeks living there but then a pandemic hit, and the house move is on pause. Lockdown for a minimum of three weeks so what does Liz do? Buy more books obviously.

*I bought these books before the lockdown was put in place and when I was buying them, I kept my distance and washed my hands.


I always head to The Works to buy books as they have a range of genres, old and new and for good prices (most of their paperbacks are 3 for £5). The shops are currently shut but at the time of writing this; their website is live and taking orders so head on over to have a look at their collection. I also went into Waterstones and as I got a gift card for my birthday last year, I thought now is a great time to spend some of it. So, let’s take a look at the books I bought.


The Flat Share | Beth O’Leary (Waterstones)IMG_2474

I’ve wanted to read this book for ages but never got around to buying it and as it is the choice for Beth’s Book Club this month, I decided to buy it. I love Beth’s club, so many great reads and monthly chats to get involved with, I try to read as many as I can and get involved but even if don’t read it during the month, their choices always go on my wishlist.




One of Us is Next | Karen M. McManus (Waterstones)IMG_2478

Again, I’ve wanted to read this book since publication day as I loved Karen’s last two books and as this is a sequel to One of Us is Lying. I’ve heard only good things so I’m looking forward to getting stuck into this.





Love at First Like | Hannah Orenstein (The Works, 3 for £5)

Never heard of this book before but I liked the look of the book (I’m a sucker for a good cover) and the story sounded interesting. I’ll let you know my thoughts, so be sure to follow me on Goodreads and Instagram, where I’ll leave my thoughts.




Queenie Malone’s Paradise Hotel | Ruth Hogan (The Works, 3 for £5)IMG_2479

Ruth is another author whose books I have loved reading, so I saw this one on the shelf and had to read it. The story is about a mother/daughter relationship and is based in Brighton. Even though it’s always taken me a while to get into Ruth’s books, I’ve always ended up loving them.





Let Me Lie | Clare Mackintosh (The Works, 3 for £5)

Again, I love Clare’s books, but I have never got around to reading this one so picked it up to give myself another genre to read. Nothing beats a good crime novel that is a good read!





In Stitches | Dr Nick Edwards (The Works)


I am kinda addicted to this book genre – the real life stories of people who work on the frontline. I read ‘This is Going to Hurt’ a few years ago and then ‘What Could Possibly Go Wrong’ at the start of this year and I loved them both. I went through Amazon to find books related to them and this was one of the suggestions so when I saw it for only £3 in The Works, I had to buy it.





As always, keep an eye on my Instagram, Goodreads and Twitter for reviews of everything I read and I wish you all well during these hard times

Stay safe and stay home (apart from your one time out a day, make the most of it)!

Talk soon,

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