2020 Goals

Hello and welcome back to whatlizloves! It’s been a hot while, when has it not but I’ve made a promise to myself that I will be back, and I will take this hobby seriously. I hope you have all had a lovely Christmas and new year, and you are all ready to take on this year and decade the best you can. Just a quick reminder that it’s ok to not feel like you’re ready, the new year can be hard and triggering but take things at your own pace, not the pace of everyone else.


Let’s start with the usual post of the first week of Jan, my goals for 2020.

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Yes, I know, we’ve heard this one for the last 3 years. But this year I will pass it as a) I’m 25 this year and b) my provisional runs out in 2 years; oops. If anyone has any tips for any anxious drivers, please let me know below.

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I know these are like three goals individually, but they go hand in hand and each one influences the other. To be honest, I really like the gym, I just haven’t been in two months because of being on holiday, on a course through work, getting ill and then Christmas – it’s crazy how 8 weeks just goes like that. Once I do my first session on Monday, I’ll be back in the swing of things.

Eating better is essentially cutting down the rubbish I eat, my portion sizes and snacking (thanks to my braces, snacking has stopped drastically). It’s not a ‘diet’ as such, it’s a more conscious effort to eat the right food more than the wrong foods because at the minute, its vice versa.

I hope that losing some weight and toning up will come with doing these two things as I have a couple of hen do’s and my boyfriend’s brothers’ wedding this year that I want to feel my absolute best for.

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This is a kind of easy one, I read on average one book a week through commuting and at home. I read 41 last year so I’m going for it this year. I’ve read one already so I’m on track. You can follow my Goodreads here or this twitter thread where I will be leaving what I have read. Also look out for my monthly wrap ups where I will do a mini review of all the books I read in that month!

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This is a pretty major one and there’s a 50% chance it will happen this year. We can start looking for a house in September/October and we might buy one this year, but it might end up being early next year. You do not understand how much I cannot wait to have stairs and a garden! The little things.


I’ve got four goals this year that I intend on sticking too, I am really trying to be positive this year and put my all into everything. Determination is my middle name right now so lets go and grab 2020 by the handles (is that the saying? Who knows?).


Have you made any goals for 2020?


Talk soon,


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