September wrap up

Only posting this 10 days late because when am I ever on time for anything? But hey, how is everyone – LONG TIME NO SPEAK?? No surprises there, if you’ve been following me for a while you know what I’m like with uploading blog posts.. hardly ever but that’s gonna change so prepare yourselves for plenty of posts from me about a whole range of things. But I’m starting off with a new series on my blog that I’ve seen loads of people do – monthly wrap ups – but I’m nosey and I’m sure many of you are too so let’s dive straight in..

Well September was a busy month! I started the month hungover as my birthday is 31st August so I went out and got SO drunk the whole day hangover was worth it.

I then graduated from my masters degree and it was good! I can’t say it was the best day as I didn’t really enjoy the whole ceremony but hey, I had a day in London with my family and got to take loads of pictures so yeah.

I had to add this in last minute because I forgot.. how could I forget that I went to FreindsFest?!? My auntie and I went to the one in Milton Keynes and Oh My God, it was AMAZING!! For any friends lover it’s the best thing, being able to watch friends, pretend to be in friends, see some of the props they used was just the best. 100% recommend!

We went to Alton Towers with my uni friends who we haven’t seen in 2/3 years! It was such a good day and forgot how much I love theme parks – I’m originally from the town next to Alton Towers so I used to go all the time!

I also had my Invisalign treatment officially start and I’m so excited – keep an eye out for a blog post coming soon!

The month ended with a trip to see MK Dons v Liverpool which was so much fun, I forgot how much I love live football!

And that was what happened in September – along with working, the start of Strictly 2019 (who else is obsessed?!? hmu as I need a group chat and I need it ASAP!) and just generally being me, the month flew by!

I read 4 books this month which I think is ok – probably could’ve read more but oh well!

1. An American Marriage by Tayri Jones which I started reading in August in hope I would finish it for Beth’s Book Club chat but I didn’t unfortunately! I enjoyed this book and I think it portrayed an important message but I wasn’t in love with it which is a shame as I’d heard such good things!

2.One Summer in Paris by Sarah Morgan – what a book! I loved this book and if you like and easy read with a lovely story I’d really recommend. One of my fave books this year!

3.Summer at the Cornish Cafe by Phillipa Ashley – I think I’ve found a new series to LOVE. Again, an easy read, YA/chick lit kinda book with a storyline that kept you close. I’m so excited to read the next two in the series and the other books that Phillipa has released! Turns out a pretty cover and an impulse buy has worked out for the best!

4.The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella – now I’ve read the first two books the wrong way round (I was too impatient sorry!) so I knew I’d have to read this one sooner rather than later and as always, a good book by Sophie and I cannot wait to read the rest of the series as I’m sure I’ll be hooked on.

That’s good going for me but so far in October I’ve read 3 books.. what is going on?! I’ll explain more at the end of the month but eyyy!?!?

I’m a sucker for a good podcast and I love putting them on when I’m at work – so lucky to be able to do that I know and most recently I’ve been listening to Chris and Rosie Ramsey’s Sh**ged, Married, Annoyed podcast and let me tell you – I’ve had to hold my laughter in as I forgot where I was at some points! They are bloody hilarious and I need to catch up with the ones I’ve missed. Also, I’ve been listening to the Strictly podcast which is out every Monday after the weekend shows and I love getting that little bit more strictly buzz that I have at weekends!

On Spotify (which I’ve had to start paying full price for now *eye roll*, adulting sucks) I’ve been playing all their old playlists and on road trips especially, out faves are massive dance classics, all out 00s and summer hits of the 10s.

We play a game where we have the guess the song and artists the quickest and it makes our car journeys so much fun!

Not a lot really! I don’t know why but recently, I’m not in the mood to watch any of my own series – I’ve got the final episode of Jane the Virgin to watch, new series of Call the Midwife and The Good Place bit I just can’t focus on them. No idea why but yeah! Other than that we’ve been watching Bake Off and Scarborough really.

I bought these two jumpers from primark with some birthday money and I am IN LOVE! They are just so soft, autumnal and cosy – I cannot wait to wear them.

My new fave brow product which I’ve repurchased god knows how many times is the Revolution brow duo so if you’re looking for a show of the benefit goof proof (I was) I’d highly recommend this.

*image from Superdrug website

And I think that’s all! If you can think of anything else you think I should put in these blog let me know.

Hope you enjoyed reading this and a catch up, be back soon and October is looking like a good month to write about!

Talk soon,

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