Summer Book Haul

So I’ve been hella quiet on here (soz about that) but I’ve still been doing what I love the most. Buying books. Someone please stop me but when I see a deal, I just can’t help it.


It all started with an email from Amazon saying that Celeste Ng’s ‘Everything I Never Told You’ was only £2 and my ordering spiralled from there. In my defence I hadn’t bought any books in about a month. In that same order, I got this month’s book for Beth’s book club and I’m currently halfway through it and wow… if you haven’t read ‘An American Marriage’ by Taryi Jones then you need too.


That was my first order of the month (there were 2 more Amazon orders plus an actual shop).


I then discovered the pretty covers, which I am a sucker for, of the Cornish Café series and ordered them, along with ‘Spring on the little Cornish Isles’ and ‘One Summer in Paris’. In my defence they were also £2 each (and still are as far as I’m aware!). I’m looking forward to giving these a go, and they are just so aesthetically pleasing. It’s the little things.



I then went into Asda and big mistake.


Most of my favourite authors were on 2 for £8 and all of these were books I wanted. I could’ve purchased the whole shelf, but I settled on 8 books. I was walking through the shop with a pile as high as my head and my boyfriend just shook his head at me… not the support I need am I right? Joking, it was a funny shake of the head and he helped me carry them in the end.


I picked up Cecelia Ahern, Clare Mackintosh, Jojo Moyes and Sophie Kinsella books which were all on my list, so I did well to not buy more.


What books have you been buying recently? Be sure to keep an eye out on my Instagram or twitter for my thoughts and ill more than likely do a review at some point on the books on here.


Speak soon,


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