What I’ve been reading – Part 2

*this post contains an item that was gifted to me, but I have no obligation to post about the book*

Now its been a while since I did one of these posts (3 months in fact!) and I’ve read a fair few books since then… 9 to be exact. If you wanna see what books I read at the start of the year, click to see the post here, but overall, I’ve read 15 books so far this year… one less than I read in the whole of 2018 and I’m quite impressed with myself. I now commute to work (as if you all didn’t already know, shut up about that Liz) so I read on my commutes as well as reading before bed – I’m trying to do that every night but so far, its about 4 nights a week which is an improvement. But let’s get straight into what books I have read in the last three months.

1.Two Can Keep A Secret – Karen M. McManus

If you liked Karen’s first book (One of Us is Lying) then you will love this one! The book follows the same structure of different characters viewpoints and the twists and tales of teenagers in a small town haunted by its past.

2. Still Me – Jojo Moyes

The third book in this series by Jojo Moyes and it didn’t disappoint. I read Me Before You and After You last year, so I was dying for this book to come out to finish the series and honestly, I did enjoy it. I’m sad it’s over but I enjoyed following Louisa Clark and although I would love to know what happens next, it ended well for a series.

3.Hinch Yourself Happy – Sophie Hinchcliffe

Now I don’t really know if I should class this as a read, but I am as even though most of the book is cleaning tips and tricks, there is still a few chapters that are pure writing about Sophie’s life. Mrs Hinch is one of the biggest Instagram stars of last year and her book was wonderful – I read it in a day! I wasn’t expecting a full auto-biography but the small insights into her life before Instagram was lovely to read and hear. I also wanted this book as I now have all of her fave products, routines and cleaning hacks written in one place without me having to reach for my phone every time I clean!

4.Watching You – Lisa Jewell

I actually wrote a review of this book in a separate post, you can read that here.

5.My Not So Perfect Life – Sophie Kinsella

Sophie’s books are one of my faves and I have read quite a few of hers in the past, especially when I was younger. This book did not disappoint and in the age of social media and how it can control our lives, I think it was an important read. It’s a mix of love and work and the story about wanting to have the perfect life, which social media leads us to believe we need to have.

6.The Tattoo of Auschwitz – Heather Morris

Quite possibly, one of my favourite books ive ever read. I cannot put into words how this book made me feel and how this book has changed my perception of life. The story is based on real events from Auschwitz, recalled by one of the lucky ones who managed to get away from the horrors that place had. Its not a book for the faint hearted, with some quite gruesome parts and heart-breaking parts, the tattoo of Auschwitz has opened my eyes to what our world was like for most during the second world war.

7.The Night Before – Wendy Walker* (Gifted but no obligation to post a review)

I got sent a link to this book to read as an eBook before its release and you know what – I loved the book. Not so much reading it on my phone (I have a massive crack going right across my screen) and I have decided that hard copies are for me and not e-readers; sorry environment! But I really did enjoy the book. A story written from a range of perspectives and times in the events surrounding the plot lead you know not knowing what will come next. This suspense is what made me love the book and the surprising ending, made it worth the read.

8.Never Greener – Ruth Jones

I’ve had this book on my shelf for a while after my boyfriend’s mum let me borrow it, so I finally read it and gave the book back to her finally (sorry!). I did like this book however its not my favourite that I’ve read. I found the storyline quite predictable and by the last third, I just knew what would happen and I don’t find that interesting, I want to keep not knowing until the very end. I also found some of the characters in the book weren’t really needed and were there just to keep the storyline going and add another dimension. If you’re just getting into reading, and especially Young Adult, then this will be good but other than that not my favourite.

9.The Other Sister – Elle Croft

I picked this up the other month in The Works for £1 in the sale and it was worth every penny. I’d not heard of this book or this author before, but I would really, really recommend it. The book is a psychological thriller that I was hooked on – I could not put this book down. I had an idea of what might happen at one point and then in the next page, it was completely thrown away and another idea was in my head. This book is again taken from the viewpoint of a few different characters and times in the story, which kept you on your toes. I seem to be liking this style of writing at the minute. I’m going to go and pick up ‘The Guilty Wife’ soon and read that as I really rate Elle as an author.

The fact that I have now read 15 books also means I think I will reach my GoodReads target of 20 a lot sooner than I think. I wonder how many books I can read this year! Have you got a reading challenge/target?

Talk soon,

p.s. I promise I will be back with more posts, I have loads of ideas for a change and I’m going to spend this weekend writing so expect loads of new content coming soon!

7 thoughts on “What I’ve been reading – Part 2

  1. Aaliyah Hunt says:

    Sophie Kinsella and Jojo moyes are some of my favourite authors ives read so many of their books and have loved them all. I definitely need to pick up Still Me, I’ve read the other books in the series and loved them! X


  2. Sam 🐱💕🎗 (@SamGriffBlog) says:

    I attempt the Goodreads challenge every year but haven’t manage to meet my goal the last few years. I’m still on track for this year though! I downloaded The Tattooist of Auschwitz onto my Kindle recently but haven’t got round to reading it yet (it’s next on my list!)


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