May Bullet Journal Spread

I am really loving my bullet journal right now, I’ve found the right layout and the right use for it so I am using it near enough every day to plan and track my life. I’ve just started my new job (yay me!) and I’ve found using my bullet journal has helped my get back into a routine.


The bullet journal I have is a Leuchttrum 1917 in grey and I love it – would highly recommend!

The design and colour theme that I went for is blue and balloons – all the b’s!  I have my usual calendar layout, with some doodles and the month name.

Next, I have my weekly layout, involving 7 boxes and my daily tasks chart. I find this useful to keep on track of things like making my lunch, drinking 2L of water a day etc. I had to turn it landscape to fit everything in but its quite cool. I have also started using the monthly colour theme to frame the boxes and I really like that.

This is a new tracker that I’ve included in the last few months and it’s a ‘Monthly Cleaning’ tracker. I’ve split it up into the four rooms of our flat and the tasks that need doing monthly – like cleaning the windows, cleaning the oven etc. I find this also reminds me to do these grim tasks that I forget about (always) and I will become the next Mrs Hinch.


I then have a few pages that I use for whatever I feel like, the other month I had a sky Cinema watchlist as we recently subscribed to that and there are so many films! I am however running out of pages for my monthly layouts so I need to have a sit down and think about how to sort my bujo out, has anyone got any tips?


Let me know how you’ve designed your bullet journal for this month!


Talk soon,



5 thoughts on “May Bullet Journal Spread

    • Liz Brannan says:

      It really is – I use it to jot down when I need to change the sheets/towels etc as the weeks fly by and I have no idea!


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