Easter Baking Ideas

Baking is one of my favourite things to do and I honestly do not do it enough. I say this every time and never change that but one day I will bake more regularly. I was supposed to bake for this post and I had all the ingredients (but veggie marshmallows as there is none anywhere!) ready to go but our plans have changed so baking these now would just be a waste. Instead, Ive decided to link to you my favourite recipes and talk about how I’m adapting them this year.

(I will still be baking these, just over the easter weekend instead of the weekend before)


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Now this is something that I baked a couple of years ago and everyone loved so I can’t wait to bake these again. It’s a basic chocolate cupcake recipe with the following adaptations:

a) place one mini creme egg into the cake mixture when it’s in the cases just before baking

b) pipe a small amount of vanilla buttercream in a circle and add 1/2 a creme egg on the top for decoration.


This is the cupcake recipe that I use but you can use any chocolate cake recipe:




These are nice and easy with only a few steps that anyone can do and is good to bake with your children.

  1. Melt some chocolate in a bowl and add the cereal of your choice (shredded wheat, cornflakes, rice krispies) until it is all coated in chocolate
  2. Set up cake cases in a tray and spoon the mixture in
  3. Add mini eggs or any easter treat to decorate and leave in the fridge to set for 1-2 hours

IMG_1144 2

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I’ve made brownies before but never white chocolate ones so I can’t wait to see how these turn out. I’m using this recipe here but adding chocolate chips into the mixture before baking. I then have Malteaser bunnies and some mini eggs to decorate but again, you can use what you like.

BBC recipe here.


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I made this last year and had so many comments that I wrote a blog post on it here (sorry for there being no photos, I’m going to replace the ones I lost during my blog transfer when I redo it this week). It’s one of my favourite things to bake and it is so easy. the only thing that is different this year is I will be using vegetarian marshmallows which, if anyone knows where I can buy some please let me now!


I also enjoy Jane’s Patisserie recipes and I am dying to make the mini egg cheesecake but I think thats enough for two people! Check out Jane’s recipes here – she bakes so many exciting creations, especially at easter.

I find my inspiration also from @itslittlelauren on insta – her bakes are just goals!


Do you bake anything at Easter? If you decide to recreate any of these, be sure to let me know. Keep an eye on my instagram (@liz_brannan) for pictures of the bakes over the weekend.


Happy Easter!

Talk soon,


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