Benagil Cave, Portugal

If someone told me six weeks ago that I would be sat here writing a travel post about our trip to Benagil Cave, Portugal I would have laughed in their face! Thanks to a last-minute holiday with my dad, I am able to write this post and I am excited to share the pictures, Portugal’s coastline and the beauty of the Benagil Cave.


Last week, we flew to Portugal for a few days away with my Dad for his birthday and for his last holiday before he emigrates next year (cannot wait for that!) and he decided that he wanted to do some form of trip on his birthday.. which is fine until we established it was a boat trip. I get seasick (thankfully I’m not sick, I just get horrendous nausea) and my boyfriend has a phobia of open water, so we were already anxious about the trip. But not to spoil the fun, I got loads of seasickness tablets down me and we were off. The trip was to look at the caves and to visit the Benagil Cave, then to head out into the Atlantic to try to spot some dolphins. Spoiler alert: we saw NONE. was not too impressed about that!

Seeing the vast coastline of Portugal is one of the things that everyone must do on a visit to the Algarve. The coastline is full of small caves and beaches that can only be accessed by boat (in some cases) and showcase hundreds of thousands of years of geology and history, most notably the difference in sea level.

The tour we went on started out from Albueferia Marina and we headed west along the Portugeuse coast, which features many different caves and rock formations, all created when the supercontinent Pangea split up many, many years ago. The trip we went on took us to some caves that we couldn’t even get through, some caves that have beaches at the end and to see some of the clearest waters ever.

The arch you see below is one of the only natural arches that remain in this part of the coastline, as many have collapsed in the past. I really want to walk on it (or ride a horse like some people have!). The picture next to it is one of a ‘submarine’ shaped rock formation and rumour has to, The Beatles got their inspiration for ‘Yellow Submarine’ here. Who knows if its true, but its believable!


The Benagil Cave is situated next to Praia de Benagil in the Algarve. The cave itself can only be reached by boat or by swimming from the beach (around 200m) and when you reach it, you will not be disappointed. when we arrived, there were also people snorkelling and paddle boarding to and from the cave. The natural light that beams through the hole in the ceiling creates a beautiful view on a private beach. It’s honestly such a breathtaking place that I am so glad I saw and went on the trip.

You can also see the cave from above, by hiking around the cliffs above. We’ve said that next time we go to Portugal, we’ll do the hikes as we’ve seen it all from the ocean and now we want to see it from above and look at the views. I also want to touch the rocks and examine them, but thats just me.


Tour: Benagil Caves and Dolphin Watching

Cost: €35 per person

Length: 2 hours

Review: Overall, I did enjoy the trip, but I was miffed that we didn’t see any dolphins as I feel it would have made the seasickness and phobias worthwhile but hey ho. The start of the trip and seeing the clear open water, the rock formations and stratigraphy was worth it and I was so intrigued (obvious reasons) that the nausea wasn’t really there but as soon as we headed out to find the dolphins and it was cold, windy and wet I was not happy. I’m guessing if you manage to see dolphins in the wild it would be good. Also, top tip – wear plenty of clothes as even when its warm, its blummin’ freezing out in the ocean!

Stars: 3/5


Have you ever visited the Benagil Caves? Hope you all get the chance, too, its beautiful.


Talk soon,


7 thoughts on “Benagil Cave, Portugal

  1. According to Alice says:

    The caves look beautiful, I’d definitely love to go for a hike around there – it’s a shame that it got a bit colder and you didn’t see any dolphins, but it all looks really beautiful nonetheless. I’ve never been to Portugal or heard much about it but it looks like a lovely place, I get sea sick too but I really wish I didn’t because boat rides are so fun otherwise!

    Alice xx


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