It’s been a while…

So, it’s been a while and I’m not sorry! I’ve got a lot to talk about and a lot of explaining to do so this is gonna be long… grab a cuppa, a snack or even a gin, you will most likely need it!



Last time I did an update post I had just quit my job in the hope of finding a graduate job and I have! I went for an interview at the start of March and I ended up getting the job – I couldn’t believe it as I don’t feel like the interview went great, but they liked me. If all goes well, I should be starting in the next few days and I’m so excited to have a routine and get my fingers into a job that is somewhat related to my degree. Oh, and I’m back to commuting which I’m surprisingy looking forward too, even if it means delayed trains and overcrowding.


In the meantime, I have been doing some temp work through an agency and honestly, I’d recommend it to anyone who is struggling to find work/unsure what they want to do. They work as best they can to your requirements and the pay isn’t actually that bad. I’m not there anymore as I wanted a week or so off before I started work to relax as at my last assignment, I was leaving the house at 7am and not getting back till 7pm so I was shattered and that is the reason for being quiet on my blog and my socials in general.

I’m writing this as I’ve just got back from a mini break to Portugal with my family and it was needed. I’ve had a lot of thinking time about where I’m going with my blog, what I want to do and mainly I spent time in the sun (when it was out!) with a beer in hand. There’s a post going live tomorrow about one of the experiences so keep your eye out for that! On this holiday, both me and my boyfriend spent time away from our phones as a bit of a break and honestly, neither of us missed checking our phones and I know 100%, I will be cutting down my time on my phone and spending it with my loved ones.


We’ve also had a busy few weeks, starting off by a weekend in my hometown to see my family and my mum after she had an operation. Thankfully, she was out of hospital by the time we made it home so we spent the weekend exploring different parts of the Peak District and this weekend, it was Bakewell. I’m so lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the U.K. that we have decided to try and visit new (well new for my boyfriend!) and really enjoy what is right on our doorstep.

The next weekend we found ourselves in London! Through my boyfriend’s work we got free tickets to see West Ham v Everton at the London Stadium and being the big football fans we are, it was a no brainier! We had lunch, Doughnut Time and a stroll around London in the beautiful weather we had been having. We’re also so lucky to live less than an hour away from London by train and we should make the effort to go to new places.

My main focus of this next chapter is my health and fitness. As much as I’m happy with how I look, I just want to get back into enjoying fitness and taking care of myself and improving the way I look – I might create an Instagram to document this and I will be doing posts on here about it.


Secondly, to be the best I can at my new job and take every chance I get. I cannot wait to get stuck in and started on my career – it’s been a long time coming! I’m also currently completing some free online courses about humanitarian and disaster relief which will hopefully improve my CV and boost my career potential.


Finally, my next goal is to keep on top of my blog, socials and the things I love the most to enjoy my life as best I can but also know when I need to rest and take care of me. Being thrown into temp work at such short notice (I signed up on the Tuesday and started on Wednesday!) meant I stopped doing the things I loved – reading, skincare, even watching Netflix so I’m determined to make it fit into my routine.

I think you’re all up to date.. I might be wrong but we’ll see! Talk soon,


8 thoughts on “It’s been a while…

    • Liz Brannan says:

      Thanks Fran, it really means a lot! We are good thank you, all rested after such a lovely mini break. Thank you so much, I’m exited to get started also, just wish I knew when! Liz x


  1. glowsteady says:

    Congratulations on the new job!! Your break sounds lovely, and we’ll done for managing to do it without your phone. Mine is basically glued to me and (I’m slightly ashamed of this) I don’t know if I could manage it. I hope your first day goes well! Good luck with your health and fitness goals too x


    Liked by 1 person

    • Liz Brannan says:

      Thank you 🙂 yeah I know, thats what we were both like! honestly, its not that bad when you’re with someone but as soon as I’m on my own, I feel like I need to be on it for comfort! I think just limiting the time on it can help also. thank you, fingers crossed I can make some progress! x


    • Liz Brannan says:

      Ahh I loved Portugal, I really can’t wait to go back and explore some more. how are you finding London? Thank you, it was a big decision and I’m just thankful that it paid off. after this experience, I will always say just do it, if you wanna try something new, just try – its not going to matter if it doesn’t work as there is always something around the corner 🙂


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