March Bullet Journal

How is it March on Friday?! Where is this year going! Anyway, I know I said in my 2019 bullet journal set up that I wasn’t going to use it as a ‘traditional’ bullet journal but that lasted all of five minutes and I’m back to using it as a diary as well as a journal. So, here’s a look into how I’ve set up my journal for March.




I start every month with a calendar where I can see what I have going on throughout the month. March is looking to be quite busy which is good as I’m still not working (hopefully I will be soon, I’m bored!) I’ve chosen a green theme with plants as the little doodles and I quite enjoyed how it has turned out. I got some ideas off Pinterest (as always) and these doodles will be carried throughout the whole month.



So, these weekly spreads are my favourite layout ever! On the left side, I have boxes for each day where I use it as a diary/to do list/don’t forget box. Splitting the days up like this on one page works better for me and is so much clearer. On the right side, there’s a daily tasks layout, weekly cleaning layout and a notes box. Whilst I’m at home every day, this works for me however once I’m working, I might have to change it up, but we will see.

I’ve found the daily tasks really help me each day to complete as much as I can and to give my day some structure.




I have a separate part in my bullet journal that is my blog calendar where I organise what posts are going to go live when, February failed (Liz, get your act together) so it’s time to get on top of things with the blog. This page is just a notes page where I can put down any blog post ideas that I have.




This is a recent addition to my bullet journal and I really like it. I just list the things that need to be done monthly in the flat to make sure I keep on top of the cleaning. One thing that I good about being off is I can spend time cleaning each day and keep on top of it, including the horrible tasks such as cleaning the oven! I hope that this structure will allow me to keep on top of it even when I’m working full-time as I found it hard to keep on top of all the cleaning in my previous job.


For now, this layout and core content works for me so I will be using this for all future months. I hope to add more to it as life gets busier and if it changes you will be the first to know.


Hope you enjoyed looking through my March Bullet journal set up, I’m now off to read how everyone else has set theirs up!


Speak soon,


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