Currently Watching: Feb 2019

Now this wasn’t the planned post for today but as we have no internet at home (thanks BT) I’m writing an impromptu post from my local library that doesn’t need anything from home for photos etc. I love it when I need to apply for jobs but can’t do it from home…

Currently watching

When I have internet, there’s a few programmes that I’m currently watching – it all depends what mood I’m in!

The main programme I’m watching at the minute is The Good Place on Netflix. I started watching this a couple of months ago but just couldn’t get into it, I sat down and watched it properly last week and watched 6 episodes back to back. Oh my life. They are only 20 minutes long but still… 6!! I’m really starting to enjoy the programme and the characters in it, I would say to watch it, persevere with it and you will like it. Plus, there are three seasons available on Netflix so plenty of time to binge.


My boyfriend and I started watching Suits waaay back in 2015 I think, became obsessed and was watching it week by week as it came out in the UK until we moved into our first flat where we went weeks without internet, we just lost track. Fast forward nearly 3 years and we’ve decided to start watching again from season 6 (the one we started suitswatching) and I love it!! I have no idea why it’s taken us so long, I guess we just had too much going on in our lives but we’re well and truly making our way through season six and I cannot wait to watch the rest… when we have WIFI. I mentioned Suits in a previous post and it still sticks – I will always recommend this programme to anyone… it is amazing.


Friends. Oh, this show! I put it on as soon as I wake up to watch whilst having breakfast or just have on in the background whilst I’m cleaning. Cannot get enough of it – I have watched all 10 series numerous times, it’s quite embarrassing…



RPDR-AS4-1140x570Even though it’s the finale this week and I haven’t watched last weeks (no spoilers please!) Ru Paul’s Drag Race All Stars will always be one of my favourite shows. There’s no doubt Ru Paul’s drag race is one of my favourite tv shows but all star, damn this series has been SICKENING. Blummin obsessed and I can’t wat for the final.. or for series 11 of the main programme or for the UK version. I can.t wait to see how this turns out.

Currently watching-2

Now, when we get our internet sorted I have so many programmes I’m going to binge and my to be watched list is getting longer by the day.. with Netflix, Now TV and Amazon Prime; I’m gonna need more hours in a day! Currently on my watchlist I have:

  • You (Netflix)
  • 911 (Now TV)
  • New Amsterdam (Prime)
  • Dynasty (Netflix)
  • Baby (Netflix)


Have you got any recommendations for me to watch? I’m making the most of being unemployed and having very little responsibilities whilst I can!


10 thoughts on “Currently Watching: Feb 2019

  1. foundationsandfairytales says:

    We’re currently watching Suits! Just about to finish season 6, we’ve been binging it since December and love it!

    Jess //

    Liked by 1 person

    • Liz Brannan says:

      Its good isn’t it?! I’ve nearly finished season 3 now! Haha I have a feeling I will binge watch You – I’ve heard such good things! Xx


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