Taking a career break

jan9glspqom7f+92opbuyaAs some of you may know I’m currently unemployed. Yes, that’s right unemployed. Holy hell. I decided late last year that I would leave my job to focus on getting that dream job of mine (which is never going to happen in the UK!) well, to get one that is at least related to my degrees and actually enter the world of work. I have worked since I was 18 but never in a job that is what I really want to do – more what I needed to do to survive. If you’re interested in finding out more grab a cuppa and a notebook and read my thoughts here.


I took the break now because I decided I was too comfortable in my old job – by that I mean, I was working 5 days a week, got a wage every month and was in a routine. One of my work besties announced she was going to Nepal for 3 months back in November and that made me think – what can I do with my life? I mean I could go to Nepal for 3 months volunteering, but I could also quit and start afresh. So that’s what I did. I spoke to my work besties and got their opinion, my boyfriend, his family and my family over the Christmas period and I knew it was the right thing to do.

Ever since I handed my notice in and explained to people the reasonings they were so supportive – friends, colleagues and even members (I worked in a gym), they all knew why and knew it would be the best thing.

And suddenly you know... its time to start something new and trust the magic of new beginnings


In all honesty, I am not enjoying being unemployed. I didn’t want to be 23 and unemployed especially when I have rent and bills to pay for. As much as I don’t like being unemployed, I know that it is the best thing for me right now and even after a week, I feel better already (I’m sure an overnight stay at a spa has nothing to do with that).

The job that I was in previously was good but the shift times, the pressure and some colleagues made it become unbearable to work there. In the lead up to me handing I my notice I had two panic attacks about work before I went in and these were the final straw – no job should affect your mental health and if you can, get out before it completely destroys you (obviously I know that it isn’t always this easy but it can made such a huge difference).



I’ve already seen an improvement in my sleep, my mental health and my outlook on life. I wake up feeling refreshed and not dreading the day ahead, more productive and finding a love for things I had started to not enjoy – reading, bullet journaling and blogging! I have researched into potential jobs like no tomorrow, applied for couple and been well and truly put off some also… but that’s the joys of searching for a graduate job in such a specialised field!

This last week has flown by and its started to make me wonder if I will have a job by mid-end of March (essentially, that’s when I need a job to be able to afford rent etc) due to the closing date of jobs/interview times etc. but I’ll cross that bridge when I come it. I’m sure I can find bar work or something temporary quite easily to cover my back if needs be.

Finally, if anyone reading this is debating on what to do with their life, just go with what your heart says. If that means applying for unpaid work to gain some experience (also what I’m doing) or completely switching careers just do it. You’ve got to make your heart happy in order to be happy – since when did I get so philosophical and deep?!? But in all seriousness; if anyone needs some advice, someone to chat too or if any one has any questions about unemployment, graduate job hunting or geology do let me know and I’ll do my best to help you.

Talk soon,


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12 thoughts on “Taking a career break

    • Liz Brannan says:

      Thank you – it’s crazy how much everything has improved within a week. I hope so too, I’m bored of being at home all day 😂 x


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