Book Review – ‘Becoming’ by Michelle Obama


When I first saw that Michelle was bringing out a book I was determined to have it in my collection. I loved her as the First Lady and thought she was so inspirational and although I knew a bit about her life, I was determined to know more. My lovely boyfriend got me the book for Christmas and I was so happy as I forgot to write it on my list – he knows me well! I read a few pages on Christmas day and then got stuck into it at the start of January and finally finished it last week. Here’s my thoughts…


Michelle’s book is split into three parts; Becoming Me, Becoming Us and Becoming More. The book covers everything from her early days, school life, university, boyfriends, jobs, marriage, career changes, life, death and her husband becoming the president of the United States. She goes into detail about growing up as a black girl in Chicago with big aspirations no matter what anyone told her. She overcame every challenge a teenager and young adult has and gets her dream job through hard work and determination. Michelle then meets Barack and their life together just begins as he was finishing law school. After a few career changes, a new house, a wedding and two daughters; Barack is elected as a senator and Michelle describes in detail, the pressure that was put on their family and marriage through him not being there and candidly, how close they came to breaking point. When Barack decided to run for presidency, everything changed for the better and the two of them worked together in harmony and created a presidential campaign that led Barack to become the President. Michelle talks intimately about the White House, the Secret Service and how she was determined to let her daughters have a life that is as normal as it can be – within reason. Ultimately, the story ends with them leaving the White House and starting life again.



I was hooked. Every word was written with passion and love and I could just tell that Michelle was determined to get her point and her story across to the world. I smiled, cried and laughed the whole way through the book, and when I finished reading it; I felt so inspired to become the best that I can be but also so sad that I didn’t know that much about her life. I feel like I see the Obama’s in a different light as it took them many years of struggle and unhappiness to get to where they were, which made me feel good about where my life is at, even if it feels like its not. As much as I’m writing this, I feel like it is a book that everyone needs to read and understand the feeling that you get from reading Michelle’s story. 


Pages: 421 

Published: November 2018

Stars: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Would I recommend it? Yes. Yes. Yes. 100%



Have you read ‘Becoming’ yet? 


19 thoughts on “Book Review – ‘Becoming’ by Michelle Obama

    • Liz Brannan says:

      Yes 100%! Ahh I’m so glad you want to read it after my review – you won’t be disappointed! Let me know what you think once you’ve read it! Xx


  1. blacktulipbeauty says:

    This sounds like a lovely uplifting book and definitely something I could use right now to inspire me! Michelle seems like a pretty fantastic woman, wife and mother and I definitely think that anyone with huge success has to go through a lot of hard times and heartache to get there!
    Alice Xx

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    • Liz Brannan says:

      It really is, it’s inspired me to go get my dream job and not stop until I get it! She really is, the way she handled motherhood, work and campaigning is something else! Xx


    • Liz Brannan says:

      I’m so glad you want to get into reading! I’m so glad I’ve read it, I feel so much better about my life and everything after reading that even the most important people in the world come from nothing and work hard! Thank you for commenting x


  2. hellolizziebee says:

    I’ve been eyeing up this book for a while but I’ve never been one for biographies, although I’m at that moment in life when I am devoid of life inspiration so this should hopefully give me that boost I need! Thanks so much for sharing.

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  3. Bexa says:

    I’ve seen this book on Instagram a lot recently and I am so curious to give it a read. Your review is brilliantly written Liz and has made me even more determined to pick myself up a copy. I don’t know much about the Obama’s so this sounds like a fascinating read. Michelle sounds like such a strong and inspirational woman, a real role model in our generation. I’m glad you enjoyed the book and thank you for sharing your thoughts! ❤ xx

    Bexa |

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    • Liz Brannan says:

      Thank you so much Bexa – that means a lot! I didn’t know much about the Obama’s other than they were the first family for 8 years so to read about their struggles before the White House was really inspiring. I really look up to Michelle now – the book completely changed my thoughts on her ♥️xx


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