Life Update

God it feels good to be back writing again! It’s been nearly 3 weeks since I posted a blog and I’m sorry, but this post will explain all (hopefully). As the title suggests, this is an update on my life and boy has the last few weeks been CRAZY! The post also sums up how my 2018 goals are going so let’s go…

I’VE FINSIHED MY DEGREE! I never thought these words would come out of my mouth but there they are, it’s done, handed in and I am over the moon. The last year has been so tough but so worth it, I have loved studying my passions and I’m going to miss the learning part (not the assignments!). I should find out around October/November time what grade I have but I know provisionally and whilst I wanted better, I’m still happy.

I’ve started full time work! Luckily, I’ve been able to go full time at my job that I had whilst I was at uni and I’m so grateful. Not only is it extra money every month, it also means that I can spend time researching into my career and what I actually want to do – I have no idea anymore what I want to do, which is a whole other blog post. I’m exploring different options and different career paths which is exciting! I’m sure in time I’ll decide what I want to do and what path I want to pursue. I hope anyway…

Well now I’m finally an adult, it time to get serious! One of the main things that I’m doing now is paying off my debts (not student ones unfortunately) and starting to save for a mortgage – ahh! One of the things that my boyfriend and I are wanting to do sooner rather than later is buy a house. we love our flat and love renting but the restrictions are just getting to us at the minute, mainly the fact we want a dog, so buying a house is next in our lives.

I’m also starting to spend more time doing things I love – getting back into the gym, eating better (she says as she’s eating salted caramel truffles), reading more and just generally doing things to make myself happy and to try and be a normal 23-year old. I’m also researching into my diet as I need to make changes to it to a) lose weight and b) control my PCOS. Most of you might not know but last year I was diagnosed with PCOS and the effects it has on your body is horrible, especially when it comes to food. I’m thinking either a low-carb (before anyone shouts at me, its ok for me to go on one) or a gluten-free diet, something that can control my bloating and my symptoms. If anyone has any advice it would be appreciated!


Complete my master’s degree – DONE. Thankfully. I say that but I kinda wanna do another one. Famous last words haha.

Be happy – if you read my update in May, you would have seen that I was getting there. Well it’s now September and I am happier, especially now the stress of my dissertation is done – the last week before that was handed in was horrible, I was so stressed and unhappy, it took it’s toll on me and kinda ruined my birthday. I’m sure when things start slotting into place my happiness will be restored, but I’m still happy.

Learning to drive – well this is the most exciting one! I’m currently in the process of booking lessons and I really wanna past my test early next year – sooner rather than later. My boyfriend got me some lessons for my birthday (what a babe) and I can now afford the lessons comfortably each month so watch this space (and the roads).

Travelling – yeah I’ve established I’m not gonna be able to travel much this year than what I already knew. The time and money issue is worse than I thought so travelling might have to wait until next year. Although I am heading on holiday in 3 weeks with my family and I cannot wait to relax for 10 days in the sun – bliss.

Hope you all enjoyed a catch up!



30 thoughts on “Life Update

  1. Bexa says:

    Such an exciting life update Liz! Congratulations on finishing your masters and getting a full time job. It’s great you can take time to think what you want to do for a career whilst focusing on other things. Good luck with the driving and saving! Getting a dog would be so lovely. Thanks for sharing, great post ❤ xx

    Bexa |

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lisa's Notebook says:

    Huge congratulations on finishing your masters, that’s an amazing achievement, well done! And I hope you and your boyfriend manage to get a house and a dog, those are fab goals to aim for, how exciting 🙂 also, good luck with the driving – I don’t think we live near each other otherwise I’d wave to you, haha! xx

    Lisa |

    Liked by 1 person

    • Liz Brannan says:

      Thanks Lisa ☺️ so do I, it’s looking like quite a few years away but we’re in no rush as such and it depends on my place of work really! I just want to dog first haha! Thank you, I’m not too sure how good I’ll be at driving so I’d stay off the roads..😂xx


  3. Isabelle Pollock says:

    Well done on completing your degree! Must feel such a relief now! Have a great holiday with your family! I hope things well with you and your bf saving money for a house!!

    Belle xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Liz Brannan says:

      Don’t I can’t stop thinking about them – the best birthday present haha! Yeah so busy, I’m quite glad for a rest tbh. Thank you lovely ☺️xx


  4. Alys says:

    Congrats for finishing your degree, that’s incredible! You’ve done so well this year, you should definitely be proud. Your honesty is admirable and I really hope the rest of the year goes well for you. It can be challenging working out what you want to do next, it’s great that you’re excited about this next chapter ❤ xx


  5. foundationsandfairytales says:

    Congratulations on finishing your degree! We’re currently saving for a mortgage too and it’s so difficult isn’t it but it’ll be worth it in the end!

    Jess //


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