Revamp your technology with CaseApp

I am a sucker for a phone case and have had so many over the years it’s actually embarrassing. I have always wanted a skin for my laptop but never got around to purchasing one – god know how it has survived the last year without any marks/cracks! When CaseApp contacted me to collab with them, I said yes straight away.

I had seen CaseApp work with other bloggers before and had always loved their products – everything is so me. CaseApp allows you to choose a design from their extensive library or create your own – you can even upload photos for that extra personalised touch. The case designs are so aesthetically pleasing, and it took me ages, and I mean ages, to choose the design I wanted. As well as iPhone cases, they cater for most smartphones and provide skins for tablets and laptops.


CaseApp ship internationally from Sweden and is relatively priced. I wouldn’t normally spend this amount of money on a phone case (approx. £20) but after having one their cases on my phone for the past 3 weeks, it is so worth the money and, in the future, I will splurge and not save. And also, in the future I won’t be a poor student, so I can start to spend more money on things that I need. The design and ordering process was so quick and easy to use and that is something that I love about companies – I hate having to go to many different pages just to get to the payment page. My products took about a week to come and they come in a large envelope that is well supported to stop the products from being bent/broken. Unfortunately, my parcel came ripped (not CaseApp’s fault, probably my stupid postman) but all the products were ok, so I was thankful for that.


I was given the opportunity to choose two products from their website and I decided to go for a phone case and a laptop skin. I’m very picky on the designs I have on my phone and laptop as I want something that represents me. I chose this design of white marble and nude as I am obsessed with these patterns and colours at the minute and thought they would look good on my white iPhone and silver laptop. They look amazing and I’m so happy with the way the designs have come out and how they make my products look so smart. I decided to have my initials on the case as my previous case had them on and I like the personalised touch.


I was debating about having a different skin on my laptop, but I like to have everything matching so I got the same design and I love it! I’m so happy with the products I received and the service I got from Tobias at CaseApp. I would 100% recommend purchasing from their website for to quality items that would make great gifts for birthdays or Christmases, or just a little treat to yourself.

Have any of you used CaseApp before?

Don’t forget, you can use my code ‘LIZBRANNAN20’ for 20% off your purchase!


*This post is in collaboration with CaseApp but all views are my own.

14 thoughts on “Revamp your technology with CaseApp

    • Liz Brannan says:

      This is the first case I’ve had on mine and I didn’t want to put it on at first but I love it now! I love how you can choose one of their designs or make your own! X

      Liked by 1 person

    • Liz Brannan says:

      Yeah it isn’t too badly priced, I just wouldn’t normally spend that much on myself – a present 100%! Thank you xx


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