I’ve not been everywhere, but it’s on my list

One thing I want to do more this year is travel, visit new places and explore the world. I’m unsure if I will have time with uni and work commitments but fingers crossed I can pin some more places off on my map (here’s a link to the pin board)! My boyfriend and I have said that we want to do more weekend breaks to cities this year as well as a relaxing beach holiday but we will see where the year takes us!


These aren’t in any particular order but I hope I can visit all these places this year!


This is a given place I will be visiting this year as my uni field trip is to Naples, to visit Mount Veuvuis and Campi Flegrei. I am SO excited to visit 2 more volcanoes and add them to my list and more importantly, I cannot wait to eat all of the pasta, pizza and ice cream


I am dying to visit Paris this year. I last went in year 8 at school which was 10 years ago now and I just want to go back. I loved the city and I’m a massive Disney lover is Disneyland is also top of my list. And it’s the city of love you know, cough cough


Iceland is one of my dream destinations and after my best friend went at the end of last year and seeing her photos, I just want to go. Mainly to visit the volcanoes but also for the architecture, the Blue Lagoon and the northern lights

America/Mexico/Caribbean – somewhere hot and relaxing!

My boyfriend and I are currently saving (trying too anyway) to go on a big holiday in October as our work schedules, my dissertation. weddings and life, means we can’t actually go away for a holiday together until October. I’m not complaining as I love me some winter sun and it will be our 4-year anniversary so will be amazing to celebrate it abroad. We haven’t decided where we are going yet and with it being hurricane season (yay!) we are weighing up the ideas. Currently it’s a toss-up between Mexico, Orlando, LA and Cuba. Where shall we go?

UK Cities

We live in a beautiful country with so many different cities and towns to explore, I’m kind of annoyed that I haven’t visited some places yet. I would love to visit more UK cities and see what is actually on our doorstep!

Where would you like to visit this year?

Speak soon!


27 thoughts on “I’ve not been everywhere, but it’s on my list

  1. envyfisher says:

    I’ve made it my goal to visit more cities in my own country as well, but the Netherlands has way less interesting cities then the UK. I’ll be on my way to Cuba this time next week and I’m so excited. It’s been on my list since forever!

    x Envy

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    • Liz Brannan says:

      It’s something that is neglected i think when it comes to your home country! Haha I really wanna visit the Netherlands so hopefully I can soon! Ahh I’m so jealous, I hope you have a lovely time! Enjoy it xx


  2. Hello Bexa says:

    Such a great list Liz! 💖 I was actually thinking today about planning a trip to Italy for my birthday in April, sounds like such a great place with all the tasty food. I’ve been to Mexico but got stuck in an All Inclusive resort so didn’t actually see much, lovely weather though he he! Yes! Disney Paris is always such a fun trip! I hope you see loads of awesome places this year ☺️ Lovely post, thanks for the travel inspiration 😘 xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

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    • Liz Brannan says:

      Thank you! Ahh do it, we’re going to Naples in April and I cannot wait 🙊 oh god that’s no good! I really wanna go to Cancun though, just depends on the weather systems at the time doesn’t it! Haha thank you, hope you get to travel to all your places too 😘xx


  3. tvaddict4life says:

    Some great places you want to visit Liz! I’m heading to Tenerife next week for my annual visit and heading back to NY for Thanksgiving in November. I would definitely like to go back to LA & Dubai but Italy is a new 1 I’d like to try 🌞 happy travelling 🌞

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    • Liz Brannan says:

      It really depends on what you want to get out of the travel – like beach or a city but I’m sure you’ll go somewhere! Germany at Christmas is meant to be gorgeous and that would be amazing! I honestly can’t wait for Italy, I’m so excited to see what it’s like! Thanks for commenting x


  4. jennyinneverland says:

    I also want to do more shorter, fairly close, city breaks. I want to go back to Disneyland SO bad – although I’ve been 3 times, it’s ALWAYS on my list of places to go. I want to go to Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Finland really bad! xxx

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    • Liz Brannan says:

      It would be lovely to explore things that are close by that we take for granted! I love Disney, it’s just the happiest place! I’ve heard Copenhagen is beautiful! Hope you get to go girl xxx

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  5. Emsi Rose says:

    I desperately want to go to Iceland to see the Northern Lights!! I’ve got a scratch map and although I’ve scratched off a lot of Europe (as well as Ecuador and Galapagos) I would love to travel more outside of my continent. Best of luck with your travel dreams xx


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    • Liz Brannan says:

      Same here! That’s like mine, I’ve visited places but they seem to be quite similiar! Hopefully you get to travel and explore too! Thank you xx


  6. georgialz says:

    Remember that October in the Caribbean is hurricane season! April is a much better time to visit if you can wait until next year. I’ve been to Disney Paris and will be writing about it again soon. And if you’re going to Vesuvius, you must must must go to Pompeii or Herculaneum. Pompeii is bigger but Hurculaneum is better preserved (I think- I only went to Pompeii). Have a great time, where ever you go! Xx

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    • Liz Brannan says:

      Yeah that’s the reason why we’re unsure what we’re gonna do! We would but because of my potential career taking off we wanna get it done before the year is out! Can’t wait! Yeah we’re going to Vesuvius (I study volcanology) and can’t wait to visit Pompeii! Thank you xx


  7. Christina Marie says:

    Hi Liz! I wanted to come and check out your blog and show my support! I have never really travelled outside of my state (I live in Maine) but I’ll be getting in an airplane for the first time in March as we are going to Orlando. I’m hoping that riding in the airplane isn’t as scary as it looks because I’d love to visit a lot of the states and travel to another country at some point.. my dream destination is Greece! I’ve seen so many pictures and videos that I would love to go there someday.

    I look forward to seeing your adventures!

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    • Liz Brannan says:

      Aww thank you so much for having a look and commenting! Oh wow you’ll have an amazing time in Orlando! Honestly, planes rides are fine and I’m sure once you’ve been on one, you’ll want to go everywhere! Hope you have an amazing time! Greece is a beautiful country! X

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