Netflix shows you NEED to watch

I love Netflix. There I said it but I just can’t help it! These are a list of my favourite shows and ones you need to watch.


I cannot get enough of this programme. Think America next top model, drag queens, sass, make-up and a whole lot of relatable GIFs and quotes then you’ve got Ru Paul’s Drag Race. Each series has 14 contestants that battle it out in challenges and on the runway to be crowned America’s drag superstar. I’ve finished all the series on Netflix (series 1 and the all-star seasons are not on, boo!) and I’m re-watching. It’s one of a few programmes that make me feel happy when I’m sad and calm when I’m anxious. If you haven’t started it go now! Sashay away.



I first discovered this on the plane to Vegas in 2015 when there was the first 4 episodes on Virgin’s entertainment system and when you have a 10 hour flight a good series is what you need. I watched all of these episodes on the way out there and was hooked! I came home and have watched every series since! Series 4 has just come out on Netflix and I know what the next few weeks will consist off! Jane the Virgin is the story of Jane, who is a young girl who gets artificially inseminated wrongly and everything goes wrong from there. The show follows all sorts of themes from love, pregnancy, relationships, careers and death. A relatable, young adult hilarious comedy.



My boyfriend and I watch this on repeat every day without fail. We fall asleep to it on the TV, it’s on in the mornings when we’re getting ready, we. Are. Obsessed. A comedy show following the lives of detectives in a New York Precinct, the relationship and banter between all the main characters is what makes this show amazing. Even though I’ve seen the three series on Netflix more times than I can count on each hand, I still find the jokes and one liners HILARIOUS as well as realising other things are funny. A light-hearted comedy that is easy watching but will make you laugh until you cry.



Who hasn’t watched this?!? If you are reading this and you haven’t watched gossip girl yet go now (after finishing this post obvs!). whilst this did take a lot of watching to get into (I wanted to stop after about 4 episodes as I couldn’t get into it) I’m glad I persevered and made it to the end. The tale of families of the Upper East Side and a blogger ‘gossip girl’ is watching their every move, the 7 series follow them from being teenagers in school, to young adults to ‘adults’. I definitely got addicted at the wrong time (second year exam season, oops) but I finally finished it last year and now I want a reunion! Anyone else? Serena? Blair? Nate? Chuck? Xoxo gossip girl



If you haven’t watched Suits then make some free time as you are going to watch it after this! I told one of my course mates to watch this and she finished the whole 7 seasons in like 2 weeks.. thats how good it is! An American drama about a law firm and the backfiring problems they have after hiring someone who is unqualified. Its funny but also serious and I’ve kinda learnt some things about the law! also, Harvey is hot so thats a bonus!


There’s my top 5 Netflix series, what are yours and what should I be watching next?

Liz x

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18 thoughts on “Netflix shows you NEED to watch

    • Liz Brannan says:

      I tried like 2/3 times to get into gossip girl but I’m so gal I persevered, it’s worth it! It’s honestly one of the best programmes to hit Netflix! I can’t live without it and you 100% won’t regret watching it! Xx


  1. Kate says:

    I watched Gossip Girl about five or six years ago and never got around to finish it 😅 But I frikkin love Chuck and Blair!

    I’m currently on season 3 with Suits but I’m holding it off because uni *sigh*
    I absolutely love Lemon Snicket: A Series of Unfortunate Events and occasionally watch an episode of Black Mirror when I need my mind blown haha!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Liz Brannan says:

      Girl you need to finish it!! I cried at the ending and it was lovely. Uni sucks doesn’t it – like stop getting in the way of Netflix?! Yes, we’ve watched the first season of a series of unfortunate events and have the second one to watch. I’ve watched a couple of black mirror episodes but they kinda freaked me out.. 😂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Kate says:

        Ahhh! I’ll get to finishing it when I’m free 😀 And yes! Black Mirror freaks me out too! I pick out which episodes I watch and which ones I don’t haha!


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